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What Risk management techniques are you using as a church to protect yourself against liability claims?

Stopping to pray with a client is not an unusual event in our day to day operation. Lewis Clark Insurance wants to bring hope to our clients and to those around us by sharing our faith.  Our partnership with Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company allows our agency to help protect our community, sharing our knowledge of insurance, along with our passion to serve others while providing insurance protection for the church community.

Yes, we are still selling and serving insurance policies, but we are doing this with a Christ-like attitude knowing that how we respond to each situation, influences those around us.  Selling insurance has never been about money to myself or the staff. It has always been about protecting the individual needs of the person, family, business or community we are serving;  If we can do this in a way that provides protection while making a living.

With blogging, I hope  to bring relevant information concerning church insurance and the exposures that can bankrupt a church because of a catastrophic loss.

I’ll try to keep the blogs short and simple, providing a mile-high view, causing you to think about ways to lower your exposures, not only protecting your church, the contents, the staff and the church community , but also the churches reputation.

Over the next few months I would like to provide a few risk management techniques that can easily be implemented.

Let’s start with the church van…

What type of program does your church have in place, regarding the usage and drivers of the church’s van or vehicle?

If you don’t have a plan currently in place, start by implementing these simple techniques to help mitigate the potential for a huge loss.

  • Keep an updated list of all drivers and contact phone numbers
  • Designate a specific person to manage the list
  • Have a backup individual who also knows the procedures for using the vehicle
  • Run criminal background checks
  • Run Motor Vehicle Reports on an annual basis on all current drivers
  • Check the drivers name against the sex offender registry
  • Have two adults in the vehicle at all times while taking Youth to and from events

These few techniques can easily be implemented into the churches day to day procedures to protect the  against unwanted liability claims.  Having a plan in place is always the first step, regardless of how simple.

This list is not all inclusive.  If you have an idea you’d like to share concerning a procedure you have in place, or another question pertaining to the church’s unique exposure, I’d love to hear from you.  My email is:

If you have questions concerning a specific church coverage or a topic you’d like to learn about, please let me know.

Please watch for our future,” free breakfast and learn.”  We are planning this for late October.  The topic, “How to handle guns in our church” with our guest speaker Paul Vance from Mennonite Mutual.  You won’t want to miss this event!!


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